Flickering issue when updating data

Skjermbilde 2023-09-21 kl. 11.55.06


We’re having an issue with our gantt where we experience flickering on UI components whenever a datasource is updated. I tried tearing the gantt down to basic components to find out what’s causing the issue.

As shown in the picture, we are iterating over one datasource, and each row shows different UI components depending on if the row is a machine or a group. In the video I am updating a calendar datasource when clicking the buttons. Neither the group nor the machine UI is dependent on the calendar datasource, but only the machine UI ends up blinking. Even with static text.

What can be done to avoid this?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: If I disable the virtualization on the iterating container, the flickering goes away.

I removed the visibility group and that solved the issue for some reason👍