Guidance on the "Date & Time picker"


I’m having some difficulty finding info on how to use the Date & Time Picker.

When i preview the app and click the calendar icon, a popup calendar appears - How do i make it so that i can select a date, hit save, and then have the selected date appear in the input field? (This is in the context of creating a “new project”-like view where “project start time” and “project end time” are two of the attributes of the project object).

Thanks for help!


You need to data bind the “Value” property of the Date & Time Picker to a data source with a DateTime-property. This can, for instance, be the “project start time” of a Project data source. Read more about data bindings here. You may also have a look at this video from the intro course. It doesn’t show the Date & Time Picker, but the same principles apply to all input components.

Thank you for replying, however this is not the issue - i have already bound the Value to the data source.

Here are some screenshots that might help clarify.

This is what it looks like in create:

Here’s what it looks like in preview when i click the calendar icon that is circled in the previous image:

Whenever i click save in this popup calendar, after having selected a date, i want to hit save and then have the selected date displayed in the view behind the popup… Then whenever i hit “save”, after having filled in all the other fields of the “New Plan” module, the various qualities that have been input should migrate to the object.

Okay, your setup looks correct, might be a problem with your data source. Does it have cardinality one? In your setup, you should probably use a runtime only data source with cardinality one to write data to, and then persist it after save.