I want it to auto slide between 5 different articles


Does anyone know how to fix it so that it auto slides between 5 different articles

Br Christofer

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One way you can do this is to have a visibility group with slide transition and control mode “controlled”, and use an action to update the index in a given time interval (for example every 5 seconds). The action can be triggered when you enter the view (using a viewport listener on the slide show’s container for instance).

Hope this helps!

Hi again,

You can actually use a “Timer” in App Settings to trigger an action that updates the index of your slide-show with the frequency you wish.

Here is the documentation on Timer: App settings | Appfarm Documentation

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Thanx :slight_smile: how have u done the action?

I created an App variable for the visible index of the visibility group. The action updates it using a value processor that adds 1 each time the action is triggered, unless it is at 5, then it resets to 0.

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Thanx now it´s working :slight_smile: