Layered drop containers (inside each others) trouble

Hi guys!
We are using drop containers inside drop containers (to drag “sensors” between “buildings” and “rooms”), and from time to time it’s not possible to drop a sensor card in a specific location. Seems very random when this occurs. Do you have any idea what might cause the problem?

By the way we use context params to determine where the sensor card is dropped.


I could just provide a list of things to investigate based on this info. No other known issues in this area, but I do not know of any other cases with drop containers inside drop containers.

  • If it’s Dev only: maybe something to do with the autodeploy? Autodeploy / Live preview can be turned off in the Developer Tools
  • Could it be related to “Subscribe to updates”?
  • Some race conditions - both “on drop” actions execute simulanously, and are interrupting each other

I would try to investigate the “randomness” on when this occurs (is it a given sequence of events or behaviour priror to the issue? Does the log reveal anything different when it does not work vs when it works?).

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