Please allow for change of email for users

I recently discovered that it’s not possible to change the email of a user. As a result I had to create a feature to move all data from one user to another which in my case was a quite time-consuming task.
I will also need to keep this function updated whenever I use the user object in my data structure.

There are many cases where a change of email is relevant. A company can change its name or email policy, or a user might change her preferred email provider.
Most online services I use allows for change of email, so I wonder why Appfarm has this restriction?

Please allow for change of email in appfarm as well.

Hi Lars,

Thank you for reaching out. The ability to change a users email is on the roadmap. However, currently, it is not possible to change a user’s email since Appfarm utilizes the email as a unique identifier.

I have brought your request to the Dev team, but have no timeframe for when such functionality will be added to Create.