Proxy error

Lately we have been experiencing the following proxy error in our dev environment:

I believe this is related to redeploying/updating backend containers on our side.

Are you seeing these so often that it’s an impediment or are you just giving us a heads up?


It is not a very big impediment but it is annoying because it happens quite often, and when it happens we have to wait for 1 or 2 minutes until we are able to reconnect again to the dev app.

Ok, I’ll take a deeper look and get back to you.

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Can you ping me what an approximate timestamp next time this happens, with a small description regarding what you were doing/changing? This will help with the troubleshooting/debugging.


Hi, i experienced the same(or very similar) error in the /graphql view in production over a span of several minutes earlier this week. It did not affect the normal production app. Will try to be more specific with details here if i see it again!

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Hi again, got this at 12:36 i 4service TEST:

At 12:37 its fine, and no deploys :slight_smile:

Hi! Are there any heavy services running in Test, processing loads of data?

If that is the case, then my hypothesis is that it is the reason.

Test has low capacity and data-heavy services might affect the dataservice, which is shared between the client- and serverside. The split of a dataservice for each is on the roadmap, but in production it is not a big problem due to more resources.


That is definetly possible for my case, @marcq is that a possible reason for your case as well? a service running in dev while trying to open an app? :slight_smile:

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