Selection taking a bit of time

So i have a big data and I am trying to select an object from that data source. But its taking significant time when I try to select the object using object in context. Mostly because of “Resolve Selection Dependencies” task.

Why exactly its happening and how can I resolve it?


Clearing a selection may have many side effects:

  1. All data sources that is filtered on selected object, will be refiltered
  2. All runtime properties on data sources that have a dependency towards selected object(s) of that data source, is recalculated
    Both of the above are “selection dependencies”.

So, it is not 1 answer to that. You will need to dive into the optimization article and maybe also the advanced debugging.

What I would do:

  1. See what other data sources is dependent on the datasource you are removing the selection from (i.e. Find References), and see if some of these dependencies may be removed or if amound of data read may be limited
  2. See that happens “under the hood” using the advanced debugging article above - this may give you an indication of which data operations is being the bottleneck(s).

in my case there was only one reference to the data source, can I assume that its not related to the number of references where the data source was used? In the advance debugging can I see a breakdown of all the tasks happening for resolving selection dependencies?


Then I guess it is related to that other data source or the data source being set selection on.

It is difficult to give a more precise response than this, as you would need to use advanced debugging to see which requests are sent to the server with that set selection. I would try to break it down a bit by just adding a “debug action” with just that Set selection action node, and inspect the Networks log (ref Advanced debugging) which requests take which amount of time, and then expand those long-running requests to see that those operations are all about. You may also try to expand that “Resolve Selection Dependencies” entry in your console log screenshot /the yellow line) to see if it reveals any more info.

by “debug action” do you mean using the log to console action?