Setting the language when the app loads causes my app to hang

I just noticed that setting the language on app load / app loaded makes the app hang. There is no warning in app health about this being wrong. By “hang” I mean I get the spinning wheel and no UI.


Is there any logical explanation for why this doesn’t work? I believe this must be a bug. (crashes in dev, not tested in production)

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Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce this problem, despite trying in Dev in multiple solutions. My initial theory was that it could cause a problem if you are setting the language to the language that is already default, but it doesn’t seem as though this is the case.

Are you sure it’s connected to setting the language - have you tried disabling the action node? Or disabling all other action nodes in the action, to see if the problem still persists? Are there any error messages or warnings in DevTools or in the web console that could help us identify/reproduce this error? Have you tried setting the language in a manually triggered action, rather than On App Load / Loaded, to see if it works there?

If none of these help, some more details on the exact setup in this case would be useful, for example screenshots of your Internationalization section to show the Languages and a rough estimate on the number of translations that are occurring when the language is set.



I figured this one out. It is a corner case / timing issue related to Set client language in the On App Load action, with a following On View Load action running while the effects of Set client language appears.

Challenge registered. Workaround: Add a “Sleep, 10ms” after the Set client language.